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Check out Long Miles’ newly announced tour dates for November.   We will be making stops all along the east coast, including a return to the Music Farm in Charleston, SC on November 14th.  We are excited to get back on the road and see our fans.  We’ll see you at the show!

Local band helps raise money for blind children




A vacation home for blind children in Avalon hosted its 3rd annual Christmas in July event to help raise money for the camp.

Chuck Covington, Vice President of the Board for the Challenged Children’s Charity Corporation, said, “They loved it! They were dancing, they were singing, they were having a great time.”

For over 40 years, blind and visually impaired children have been enjoying an all expenses paid, one-week summer vacation at the Helen Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children. But at fifteen hundred dollars a week in expenses, per child, the home relies on fundraisers to operate.


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Keeping Cool With ‘Long Miles’

Our Critic approves of their groovy, bouncy, feel-good tunes.

by Edward Olimpio

Our Talent: From the suburbs of Philadelphia, with sounds infecting the East Coast and beyond, Long Miles brings you melodies from a light heart. The quartet likes to shine in their own way, bringing good vibes to people wherever they take the stage.

Songs Reviewed: “Cool Breeze” and “Girl, Don’t Come Around”

What Our Critic Says: Long Miles is a wonderful young band from Philadelphia and if you didn’t know that you would swear they are from some beach community on the west coast. Fans of G Love, Jack Johnson and almost any jam band should love Long Miles.

“Cool Breeze” – Now here is a song with just a little luck could easily be found on any Top 40 radio station. Well written, easy to listen to, a great performance, and with it’s light easy breeze feeling, could easily be a summertime hit.

“Girl, Don’t Come Around” – With an opening lick reminiscent of “Tracks Of My Tears” by the great Smokey Robinson. I admittedly immediately had a smile on my face, then the song flips into a quasi hip hop/reggae feeling song telling a simple story of lust! My only criticism is that the use of profanity to me in the song is a bit forced. I do have to admire the simple and elegant production and all my kudos to the production team and the bands performance.

In closing, look out for Long Miles! I personally look forward to seeing them live.


Check this video from our recent hometown show in Philly. This is gonna be the summertime jam!


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